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liedteksten en liedjes Engelstalig

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Match made in Heaven
When two act as one, it's called a match made in Heaven 
A marriage of spirits who've known, all along,
that they once were one, before the Big Bang made Heaven 
explode into lifeforms, in search of the One 
The One they remember being part of... 
their soulmate, their mirror, their friend 
But, what's the chance of them finding eachother again?
One in a million, a quest with no end... 

When two feel like one, it's called a match made in Heaven
A fusion of souls that have known, all along
that this day would come, it was a deal made in Heaven 
Make known the unknown and return when it's done....
And now that it's done, it's time to lay back 
enjoying the blessings of life 
For, what's the chance of them losing eachother, again 
One in a trillion, say... never again

In a union of two, a true union of two,
 there's no me and no you
Just expression of love, unequivocal love, 
which is not hard to do

when there's no need to hide, cause the ego has died
 and all jealousy's gone
When there's no need to shout. 
 When there's no room for doubt,
That's when two become one

When two become one, it's called a match made in Heaven 
It was made in Heaven a long time ago 
The ring 'round the sun, it's as 'forever' as Heaven
And so are the rings 'round your fingers, you know
They're symbols of love, expressed by circles
What comes round, will go round, my friends...
So, what's the chance of you losing eachother, again?
One in a zillion, say never again! 
Eagles' Eyes
Mi alma es … un águila
omnisciente y omnipotente
pura y clara, 
Mi alma es … un águila

When I dream at night, darkness turns to light
and I merge 
with birds of prey...

Wings that sweep the skies.... ,prying Eagles' eyes
Living life the olden way

When did we cease to be … sparks of conscious mind?
When did we lose our glee... leave our wings behind?

So, I fly at night,
 soaring out of sight
An eternal pantomime
With the armoured knight
 as my guiding light
I turn back the hands of time

High up in the sky
fear does not apply

Back to purity, non-locality,
 to the wheel within the wheel
Waves of energy,
 raging constantly
taking shape, becoming real

Eagles rise to the skies, 
set my spirit free
Eagles' eyes, I surmise, take me on the wildest spree

Mi alma es … un águila
omnisciente y omnipotente
pura y clara
Mi alma es … un águila

to share their wings with me, so I can clearly see
the possibilities that lie ahead of me...

to show me gravity 
is just a fallacy
to show me I can be, all that I wish to be
Someone very special
Some think I'm pitiful, some think I'm scared
Some say I'm wasting time, just playing solitaire
Some like to ridicule, some like to sneer
But I keep waiting for the right one to appear

Someone who stands out in a crowd, someone very special
Precious stones are rarely ever found, but they are there
Soemone who stands out in a crowd, someone very special
Someone waiting patienly, out there

Some keep me company when I'm alone
Some keep on telling me I shouldn't stay at home
I know they care for me, but they're so wrong
cause I know one day the right one's bound to come along

I've been to smoky bars, I've roamed the streets
Those lonely places where the lonely people meet
Blind dates and one-night stands don't turn me on
I still believe the right one's bound to come along
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